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What Rentround does

  • Rentround generates landlord leads for letting agents
  • Landlords see a comparisons of agent fees & ratings
  • They then select an agent to finalise an agreement

What Rentround Does for agents

  • We generate landlord leads for letting agents
  • Landlords run comparisons of agent fees & ratings
  • Landlords then send their details to a selected agent

What our £49.99 fee gets

  • Unlimited landlord leads
  • Keep 100% of your commission
  • Cancel your subscription at any time
  • Get more exposure with landlords

How Rentround works

Landlords will start contacting you after following 3 simple steps

Landlord Searches

Landlords enter their postcode, property type & services they need from an agent

Results & Compare

Agents meeting the landlords criteria are displayed, including their fees & ratings

Contact Made

Rentround emails you the landlords contact details to finalise the rental agreement

Estate & Letting Agent Marketing

Estate & Letting agents thrive on finding new landlords & property sellers. This makes it essential for agents to foster various estate & letting agent marketing techniques. The market for both rentals and sales is highly saturated, not only with the usual suspects, but with a host of new online agents hitting the market over the last few years.

Estate & Letting agent marketing can be in many forms: expensive, cheap, those that require a lot of expertise and those that are very simple.

Read on for our 30 ways to bolster your agent marketing and get more landlord and seller leads.

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35 Estate & Letting Agent Marketing Ideas To GET MORE LEADS

Referral scheme

1. Referral schemes

People like being nice to their family & friends, while saving money. Offer up a referral scheme where if an existing client gets you new business, they and their referred party gets a discount.

Landlords usually know other landlords and a referral scheme helps the spread of word of mouth.

The reward offered by letting agents is commonly cash or a voucher


Landlord Lead Generators

2. landlord Lead Generators

Use lead generator sites. Rentround gets letting agents more leads & helps increase agent revenues. Landlords use Rentround to compare letting agent fees & performance. There’s no commission taken from successful deals & no cap on lead volume.

Looing for leads?

List your agency on Rentround & start to show in comparisons run by sellers & landlords. If your agency is picked by a lead, you’re sent their details to finalise a deal

Builder Word Of Mouth

3. Builder Word Of Mouth

Builders & repair men are always in contact with landlords and sellers. Get them to offer up your services to their clients in exchange for a commission.

Cleaning Firms

4. Cleaning Firms

Get cosy with cleaning firms. These firms often clean out properties when rooms/properties are vacated. Get them to refer you to the landlords they come into contact with in exchange for a commission.

Instagram Networking

5. Instagram Networking

Joining local Instagram pages is crucial for estate & letting agent marketing. There are always local Instagram pages covering local events. Either request a free shout out or compensate them for their time. This is a great way to market to landlords and avoiding hefty costs.

Get Insta Famous

6. Get Insta Famous

On that note, make sure your regularly posting on your own Instagram page. If you haven’t got enough time to post daily, use a scheduling platform like Later. This software allows you to setup all your posts in one go, to then be sent out at your selected schedule. Getting a good Instagram following will improve your estate/letting agent marketing with a low cost organic pipeline of leads. 

Building a following is a marathon and rarely achieved quickly. You need to produce good quality posts that engages your target audience – plus you need to be consistent.

To get a head start, consider boosting posts. This is when you pay Instagram to show your posts more which goes a long way in getting more likes and followers.


Cough Up To Google

7. Cough Up To Google

Probably one of the highest cost method of marketing to sellers & landlords… Pay Google. If you’re site isn’t very high in organic searches, you may need to use Google Adwords (the platform to set up your adverts). This helps your site appear near the top of search results, when landlords & sellers are searching in your area for letting or estate agents.

You need to be tech savvy when it comes to Google Adwords as the platform can be confusing, especially at first.

You need to stay on top of key words to target, the advert wording itself, landing page set up, impression share, campaign strategy… the list goes on!

Many choose to pay an Adwords manager to run campaigns for their agency. This is costly and charges usually start around £800 per month, on top of ad spend.

To blow our own trumpet, we’re somewhat experts in the field of Google Adwords for estate & letting agents at Rentround. We generate over 4,000 landlord leads a month and work with some of the largest names in the UK property market. If you’re interested in leads or how we can help manage your Google Adword spend, contact us at [email protected] 


Network Locally

8. Network Locally

Local networking events are always a good way to meet new landlords. Although at generic networking events, the number of landlords won’t be substantial, remember getting to know 1 or 2 landlords/property owners with multiple properties can be very profitable.

Advertise At The Supermarket

9. Advertise At The Supermarket

Old but gold, stick up your promotional material at local supermarket bulletin boards. There’s a ridiculous amount of footfall in supermarkets which you can take advantage of

Get Chummy With Mortgage Advisors

10. Get Chummy With Mortgage Advisors

Google “mortgage advisors near me”. Then reach out to them to organise a referral scheme which will help you market to landlords & sellers. You customer base will be the same, but you’re on opposite sides of the life cycle.

Glam Up The Car

11. Glam Up The Car

Be cheesy and stick your company logo and details on yours and your staff cars. No doubt as a estate/letting agent you rack up many miles in your local area, with your marketing slammed all over your car its an easy way to get noticed by landlords and sellers.

Door To Door Mail

12. Door To Door Mail

An old school method, but mail dropping door to door, apartment to apartment is another way to market to your target market.

This works well when you’re looking to target a specific region or specific streets.

But we all know, most leaflets get chucked in the bin! Leafleting isn’t cheap either. You need to design the leaflets, get them printing and then sent out.

Often you can get cheap distribution from providers distributing multiple leaflets across different companies at the same time. Although this does mean your leaflet gets caught up with the leaflets of the local pizza shops & gardeners! 

Make Friends With Your Landlords

13. Make Friends With Your Landlords

Stay in contact with existing landlords. A quick phone call just to check in or asking how their portfolio is looking, keeps you in mind when the landlord next looks for a tenant. This is a sure fire way of using past clients to improve your letting agent marketing.

Watch Sales

14. Watch Sales

Recently sold properties are a good way to contact landlords who may be on the look-out for a letting agent. It’s difficult to make contact outside of just turning up at the property and seeing if you can get lucky.

Watch Renovations

15. Watch Renovations

Same as above but for properties being renovated. Landlords & sellers often renovate and/or increase property sizes before offering properties to tenants or buyers. Creating relationships before the property is ready can put you on the front foot.

Cold Call

16. Cold Call

Contact landlords or sellers advertising their properties privately on local classified sections of newspapers. You’ll have to tell them the benefit of letting through your agency as opposed to going privately, but if you can convince them your letting agency fees or estate agent services are worth it and the landlord/seller will benefit in the long term, a deal could be struck


17. Auctions

Promoting at auctions are a no brainer. The place is filled with savvy landlords looking for a bargain. Hand out leaflets and network!

Keys Please!

18. Keys Please!

Key cutters are a regular place of visit for landlords. Changing locks & cutting new keys are common landlord activities! Getting your leaflets in these venues are an easy way to attract new landlords


19. Locksmiths

Likewise, locksmiths have a lot of day to day contact with landlords. Setting up a referral scheme where they get a commission % of each successful leads can increase the number of properties you manage

Blog Blog & Blog!

20. Blog Blog & Blog!

The more content your website has about local property information, the better it will do to rank highly on Google organically and attract more landlords.

Blogging should be very focused. If you’re a letting agent you don’t want your blog to be focused on the weather. Your content shouldn’t be vague either. 2,000+ words plus is a starting point to creating content that ranks well.

You should also focus on your location, presuming you’re not a nationwide agent. If you focus is on attracting landlords in London, blog about property in London. The more news and details you publish about the London property market, the more Google recognises your site as the expert when it comes to London property and therefore looks to rank you better.

When blogging your aim should also be to get other blogs to reference your articles via a backlink. A backlink is simply when another blog links to your site within an article. 

Why are backlinks important for a letting agency? Backlinks are a voting system. The more votes you have means people are voting that you know what you’re talking about. This again boosts your Google standing and you get more prominent in landlord searches.


Estate Agents

21. Estate Agents

Contact estate agents! Not all agencies are dual hatted, some only focus on selling property. However no doubt these estate agents have landlords asking about lettings. Rather than turn away these landlords, ask them to refer business to your letting agency in exchange for a nice commission.

Appliance Stores

22. Appliance Stores

Landlords are always buying new appliances, so make sure you promote at these types of premises in as many ways as possible! Partner your services with a local appliance sales or repair company where you recommend each other’s services. Most landlords will outsource repairs and it’s another great way to pick up landlords.

DIY Stores

23. DIY Stores

Likewise, leave your promotional material in your local DIY stores, these places are filled with annoyed landlords and sellers hurrying to buy materials to fix something. Seeing how your estate/letting agency can take some of the landlord/seller stress away is a perfect marketing opportunity!

Provide mortgage services

24. Provide mortgage services

The more services you provide & market, the more chance of getting landlord attention. Inventory management, mortgages, insurance… all things that landlords may need

Banner promotions

25. Banner promotions

Purchasing space on a website that has a lot of landlord/property owner traffic can be a good way to get leads. Ensure the site(s) you select are geared towards landlords & property sellers and not generically for the property industry.

To put your banner on other sites, you will usually be charged on a per click or per impression (every time your banner is shown) basis.

Make sure that the webpage your directing traffic to is consistent with the wording in your promotional banner. There is little point in promoting a free month of property management in the banner, but not mentioning that in a big way on the page you’re sending banner clicks to.


SEO improvements

26. SEO improvements

The best long term strategy for your agency marketing is to rank high on search engines organically (i.e. without needing to pay). This isn’t easy and the popular search terms landlords use will have a lot of competition. Check out our letting agent rankings guide

Ranking high isn’t easy. You need good content your website, ideally 2,000+ worded articles, which focus on key search terms you want to rank for.

Then you need to get these articles talked about in other people websites, ideally property sites. The more websites linking to your content, the more ‘votes’ you’re collating to tell Google you know what you’re talking about so up your rankings.

Your site also needs to be flawless. No technical errors, fast webpages and no broken pages.

Being SEO savvy is tricky and is a long term strategy, not to mention can be extremely frustrating. The article you’re reading now ranks 1st for the search term “letting agent marketing”, which wasn’t achieved overnight! 

Publish video content

27. Publish video content

Video content is becoming more popular with landlords. Offer insights over YouTube and grow your subscribers, which will go a long way to get landlords.

Your modern day reader is bored quickly. A good video helps keeps them engaged on your site and therefore increasing familiarity with your brand and services.

Many people also watch videos with no sound. Adding subtitles to your videos can be a useful feature.



28. Merchandise

We’ve all got a pen or mug at home with branding from a corporation. Hand out your merchandise and local businesses & events to improve your brand awareness.


29. Sponsorships

Sponsor local sport teams, campaigns and events. Getting your brand out there as much as possible helps get more attention from local landlords and property sellers.

Offer discounts

30. Offer discounts

You may be selling your services at a low cost already. However offering a discount, even though it means you make a small loss, may help in the longer term. Discounts put you in good favour with landlords & sellers, when they get more properties, they’ll be more inclined to use you again.

Google Business


Google business is a great free tool to boost your letting agency’s marketing. A Google business profile will include your agency description, location and opening times.

When a landlord searches for a “letting agent near me”, Google commonly shows 3-5 business profiles at the top of the search. In addition, some landlords use the ‘map view’ to see letting agents near them. Creating a Google business profile will list your agency on this type of view.

A Google business profile also gives you the opportunity to collect reviews. Ever noticed the stars when you search on Google for a particular company? These are collected through the companies Google business profile. Of course the higher volume of reviews you have, the better you look in front of leads. 




Reviews on companies & services are available in abundance on the web and estate & letting agents are no different. The biggest review site out there is currently Trustpilot.  The platform collects ratings & reviews from customers which is open for everyone to read.

It’s common for companies with strong reviews, to then post the Trustpilot logo on their site, to improve their credibility and convert leads. However you should be aware that the use of the Trustpilot isn’t always free and they do charge firms in certain scenarios.

Adding to the importance of your Trustpilot review is the fact that Trustpilot ranks well on Google. So if a landlord searches for your company your Trustpilot profile page will usually be on the first page of results. 



33. Create infographics

The best long term strategy for your agency marketing is to rank high on search engines organically (i.e. without needing to pay). This isn’t easy and the popular search terms landlords use will have a lot of competition. Check out our letting agent rankings guide

Keyword analysis

34. Keyword analysis

What words you use on your website not only impacts the volume of visits to your site, but also impacts the conversions your website generates. Therefore you need to think carefull what words you display in your promotions & your website itself.

Based on key word analysis, you may find that there are more searches on Google in your local area for ‘guaranteed rent’, than there is for ‘tenant find only’ services. This would then indicate that there is a bigger market to be targeted if you focus on highlighting your guaranteed rent services.

Your promotions may then focus on good your agency’s guaranteed rent offers are and then your website would have the words guaranteed rent all over the place. 

There is little point targeting key words that have little search volume or keywords that aren’t prominent on your website. If your promotions say one thing, but your website says another, it creates confusion within your customer journey.

Analysing key words can be difficult. The best tool is Googles key word research tool. We cover this in more detail on our Google Ads for Estate Agents article

Retargeting leads

35. Retargeting leads

Most of the visits to your website result in nothing. Someone visits your site either through paid adverts or organic searchs, looks around and then closes their browser. Perhaps the landlord was put off by your site, something came up so they all of a sudden became busy or they were just window shopping.

Alternativly maybe the landlord left their personal details on your site or even called you up. However it turned out that no deal was made.

All is not lost. You can retarget these lost visitors regardless of if you have their contact details or not.

If the visitor did leave their contact details, be sure to add their email to a mailing facility so they recieve updates when you send them. If they left their phone number, add reminders to chck in with them in a few months time.

So how do you retarget a lead that didn’t leave their details? Advertising platforms such as Google & Facebook allow you to install trackers/pixels on your website which records user details. Then when you setup your adverts you can target these visitors directly.

By retargeting these types of users, you’re targeting an audience that is already familiar with your site, as a result they know your brand and more likely to convert. In fact, 70% of people are more likely to convert via retargeting  

Finding Landlords – RENTROUND

Picking the right letting agent is of paramount importance to a landlord. The right letting agent can be the difference between a stressful vs. peaceful rental experience and a profitable vs. loss making investment. This is why comparing fees & performance before selecting a letting agent is always recommended to landlords

But how do you landlords compare letting agents?

The most obvious way is researching the web for articles & recommendations. Or maybe going to individual agent sites and seeing what’s on offer and for what price – but as you can imagine, many landlords find researching services can be complex and are wary of hidden fees.

If the landlord is old school, they may find visiting local high street branches more suitable.

All of the above are very very time consuming for sure.

Introducing Rentround

It’s clear that a price comparison site for letting agent fees is paramount to savvy landlords, due to the growth of our online platform Rentround.

The value being provided to letting agents is proving substantial. Agents are listing their services on Rentround nationwide every day. As a result, they obtain leads of landlords looking for agents to manage their rental property.

We’ve been in operation since 2019, since which the business has gone from strength to strength.

Landlord leads rentround


Benefit to landlords

Landlords get a clear view on property and letting agent fees, therefore comparing them is a lot easier. Different levels of service and what fee (whether fixed or % of rent) a landlord can expect from the letting agent are shown. The levels of service are tenant find, fully managed and guaranteed rent offerings.

To avoid landlords reaching out to agents who don’t offer the full range of services they need, also displayed is exactly what the letting agent does.

Vital to managing a property well is how far the letting agent is from the property. That’s why Rentround allows landlords to search for letting agents using their postcode. From the point of a landlord entering their postcode, they see results to compare letting agents within 20 seconds.

There’s always the risk of a letting agent being the cheapest, but consequently providing a below par service. Rentround orders results based on the agents rating, which is a mash of various rating sources in the property industry. This provides security that the landlord is getting a reputable agent without having to do hours of research themselves.

Marketing for Estate & Letting agents

So what’s in it for letting agents? Once a landlord has compared and then picked their letting agent, it’s easy for contact to be made between the two parties. With a click of a button, the landlord sends their contact details to the agent for a deal to be made or further questions to be answered.

There’s no constant logins to dashboards or email alerts from Rentround to complicate landlord and agent discussion. Rentround at this point takes a step back for the agent and landlord to have a direct discussion, making life simpler.

We can do this as we don’t take commission from agents (so therefore no need for us to monitor deals made from a lead etc).

letting agent marketing

Listing your agency to get leads

Joining Rentround as an agent is simple. First you need to enter your agency details; an introduction of your agency, number of years in operation and contact details for landlords to reach out to you on.

Then it’s a matter of adding the coverage areas of your agency. Rentround allows you to enter up to 3 postcodes. For each of which you’re then requested to choose the mile radius around that postcode. This indicates the regions you want to start receiving leads from. 

How much does it cost to join RENTROUND?

We charge £49.99 a month, or £420 for the year if paid upfront (which is a saving of 30%). Your subscription can be cancelled anytime if required. The low cost is easily outweighed by just 1 commission made through us. 

You can get a 50% discount during your first month using code rentround13 during sign up

Get leads

List your agency on Rentround & start to show in comparisons run by leads. If your agency is picked by a landlord, you are sent their details to finalise a deal

Letting agent marketing FAQ

How does Rentround attract leads?

We appear high up in a number of Google keyword search results (and we're working hard to improve everyday). This gives us a great flow of landlord leads. In addition, we have extensive marketing campaigns to get landlords on our platform to find a letting agent

How much does Rent round charge letting agents?

We charge £49.99 per month, or £419.99 for the whole year, which is a 30% discount. We don't take any commission from successful deals you make from us

Are letting agents tied into a contract?

No, your Rent Round subscription to attract letting agents can be cancelled anytime

How does Rent Round assign a rating to letting agents?

We take into account landlord reviews on Google, Trust Pilot, Reviews.co.uk etc. We vet agents to make sure reviews are legitimate and assign a fair rating to reflect their service

I'm a new letting agent and have no reviews?

That's fine' we'll give you a call to discuss a suitable rating. We understand it's difficult for new letting agents to attract leads so we're always looking to help new agents.

Compare estate & letting agents

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I got the best priced agent in my area with all the services I wanted. Using Rentround I could see all the local agents in my area after just putting in my postcode.